My penchant towards pattern recognition and efficiency served me well during my time at the University of Southern California (USC), and will hopefully continue to do so throughout my career. I plan on applying my degree and talents towards analytics, particularly data engineering and management.

Data is a medium which paints a picture of the internet and society at large, and I am an artist. I’ve acquired both an aptitude for finding patterns in large sets of data, and the tools to do so efficiently. Among those tools are Python, SQL, Tableau, Qlik, and Excel. With my skillset, I analyze data for various jobs and classes, but what I enjoy is analyzing data to solve my own problems. Some problems are practical, such as automating the aggregation and analyzation of financial information. Others are personal, like figuring out whose tweets get the most interactions.

My resume does an adequate job of representing my technical capabilities, but doesn’t express the extent to which I love working in cross-functional and collaborative teams. I love learning and educating about technologies which improve the lives of others. After teaching international PhD students how to market their research, I consider myself a maven in translating business goals into technical requirements.

Not only that, but I have a willingness to pursue unconventional and off-beat paths in order to achieve a goal in the most effective way possible. I am not afraid to use the resources given to me, nor to ask questions. In a similar manner, I use and give feedback to improve my professional relationships and outputs, as well as establish rapport. This is all to say that I welcome and actively pursue collaboration in the pursuit of innovation.


Like any good would-be applicant, I periodically update my resume and my CV/long-form resume, but it would be easier to add me on LinkedIn.

As I also have a strong affinity for data presentation: below you will find my previous and current infographs. For all of you out there who are more visual learners.


Click version 1 and version 2 to see the full sizes!

In fall of 2016 I was fortunate enough to have taken a web development class. You can find all of my work from that class here.

The previous version of this website that I manually coded in HTML/CSS/jQuery can be found here.